Monday, November 1, 2010

Tidy Tips: Storing and Organizing Blankets

Fall brings cooler temperatures and growing up in the desert; I have a pretty low tolerance when it comes to cold. Once November hits, I break out all my blankets and quilts, so that I can bundle up without having to break the bank with our heating bill. Blankets can be a tricky thing to store, but you don’t want to have them strewn about your house either.

Baskets are the perfect way to store blankets in plain sight, so they are readily available for use. I have a blanket basket in my family room for all of my quilts and available for the sofa bed when guests are staying (sorry there is no photo; my family room is not currently in a photo worthy state). I also have one in my son’s room, since you tend to need a lot of blankets with a baby. Even if the blankets are just thrown in, it still looks nicer than having them strewn about.


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