Monday, November 15, 2010

Journal Jar

One thing that I would love to be great at, but constantly fall short, is journaling. I always have good intentions, but then I feel like what I am writing is lame, so I end up not writing at all. The blogging world has helped a little bit, I am documenting fun things here and there on my family blog, but I would still like to be better. My Mother is a good journal keeper, and I love reading through her journal, the stories are so fun to remember. While cleaning out closets the other day I came across my journal jar that I had made a few years back. I brought it out and put in on my dresser, I am going to start small with my goal, and say I will dedicate some time once a week to journaling. Eventually, I hope to make it a daily routine, but I am starting with once a week, so that I am not quickly disappointed with myself. Making a journal jar is easy and inexpensive, and with Christmas coming, a fun home made gift for family members. You can tell mine is from a few years ago, with the raffia bow. :)

To make your own journal jar you will need:

An empty jar (Mine is an old quart size canning jar)
Scrapbook or colorful card stock paper
A fun ribbon or some baker's twine to tie around your jar

You can print out different journaling topics, cut them out with fun scrapbook scissors, and place them in your journal jar. Then once a week or day, pull one out an write about it.
If your giving this away as a gift, it would be fun to find a cute journal to give along with your journal jar.

I am not sure the author of the poem attached to my journal jar, but here it is.

"Preserve you memories..seal them up well. What you forget, you can never retell. But a journal that's kept fresh on the shelf, will help someone through tough times...maybe even yourself."

If you want a full list of the topics that are in my journal jar, send me and email at alilbird3 (at) gmail (dot) com and I would be happy to send it. It's a little lengthy for the blog. Also, if you have great journaling topics or ideas I would love to hear them, please share!


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