Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wake up your Walls Wednesday

Okay, to be honest, I did start out with a "One Dollar Wednesday" project. Unfortunately it fell flat on its face, so today I'm doing "Wake up Your Walls Wednesday" I also liked "Work on your Walls Wednesday". What can I say, I'm WWWWacky!

So here it is...

My mom got this adorable sign/coat hook. It's been sitting in her closet, waiting for it's debut for some time...

The easiest way to hang a longer piece, with two hanging thingies, is to make a pattern. I use a piece of newspaper.

Hang the pattern, making sure it's level...

For a substantial piece like this, I always use drywall anchors. Stud-finding is beyond me, although I did find one about 15 years ago ;)

Here it is ready for it's debut...

Much better than hidden away in a closet!

1 comment:

  1. What a great idea! So simple, but I've never thought of it. And since I live by myself, I always struggle to hang things relatively straight. Gonna try this next time!


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