Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Cloche

Remember this Graveyard Scene displayed beneath a cloche on my entry table? Did you know that this very scene cost me just $2.50.

My cloche is nothing more than a vase that I found at my local thrift store. That's right, I picked up this beauty for $1.50 and it even came with a schnazzy green ribbon. ( I LOVE a good deal)

I didn't have anything to display beneath the cloche, so I took a trip to Dollar Tree. They have lots of cute graveyard resin pieces. I didn't have a base for my cloche to rest on, so I scoured my mom's house. She didn't have anything that fit perfectly, except this...

A DIXIE plate worked beautifully for the base, and all it needed was a quick coat of black spray paint.

I tied a pretty ribbon to the top of my cloche and it was good to go. I filled the inside with some Halloween beads that my mom had, but I think Halloween colored candies would be really cute too.

The final product was just what I was hoping for.


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