Friday, October 1, 2010

Easy paper flower tutorial

This metal paper filer was on sale at my local DI. It was $2.00, which I thought was pretty steep for the condition it was in, but because I could see it's potential, I forked over my cash.


I primed and painted...

I picked some fancy paper...

I used my most talented friend ~Mod Podge~...

I added some paper flowers....

And I got this....


Paper Flower Tutorial:Cut various sizes of circles from coordinating scrapbook paper.

Cut little "V's" all the way around your circles.

Fold up your circles. (pardon my blurry picture here.)

CAREFULLY unfold your circles, but leave them kind of wrinkled.

Layer them on top of one another, and glue them into place.

**My flower center is a marble, great tutorial here~~


  1. This is so cute. You are so talented.

  2. You certainly did see the potential! What a fab makover! I love the flowers, they add a little somethin' somethin'!

    Thanks so much for linking up to Scraptastic Saturday!

    Hannah @

  3. Hey, I really like the way you redid the filer - it looks like something you would like to display rather than hiding it away - especially with the pretty flowers!! I like the way you made them 3-D!!! Thanks for sharing! You go girl!!!

  4. Amazing what a little paint and pretty paper can do, huh? Love the project. Thanks for sharing.

  5. So cute! Those are really fun paper flowers! I'd love if you linked up to my Scrappy Saturdays!

  6. Nicely done! I love it! I did similar to metal bookends that I hated the look of, but could really have used. Prettied up they fit in with my decor better.

  7. Thanks for linking up to Scrappy Saturdays! I'll be featuring this tomorrow!

  8. Very, very cute! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from That's So Very Cheri.

  9. This is so cute. I love the paper flowers! Thanks for the tutorial! I'd love for you to check out my giveaway going on now!

  10. It is so pretty now! Hope you are using it where people will be able to see it!

  11. Love this - come plant your creative seeds over at Plant a Punkin Seed Party on Fridays (lasts all weekend)

    Punkin Seed Productions


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