Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Bebe Shower: Games

There are so many fun baby shower games out there, I always have a hard time deciding which ones to play. I never want to do more than 2, otherwise after food, chatting, and opening presents you would be there all day! One of my favorites that I didn't play is "guess what your eating" where you take the labels off baby food and people have to taste it and try to figure out what they're eating. I also think the candy bars smashed in diapers is funny, but a bit too realistic for my stomach to handle.

The first game I chose is the simple "what's on the tray?" I put the tray out for about 2 minutes, then took it away and had everyone write down what they could remember on the tray. Isn't it sad I had all of this in my diaper bag already? I didn't have to find anything. I had 14 things on the tray: a Binky, washcloth, diaper, socks, cereal container, bulb syringe, baby lotion, a spoon, a Q tip, sippy cup, book, bib, rattle, and baby wash. My SIL that won (I know I have a LOT of SIL's) she remembered all 14!
Here she is posing with her prizes. I went really simple with the prizes, a blue pack of Orbit gum, and blue Jones soda, with a necktie, I think they were cute! I like how the winner matched her prize!
The other game we played is one of my FAVORITES. It is difficult though to round up the supplies, especially if you have a breast fed baby. I managed to round up enough slow flow bottles though to have a bottle drinking race. I gave each person a bottle with an ounce of cranberry juice in it, I used cranberry just for the color, and then everyone raced to see who could drink theirs the fastest. This one is so funny to watch!! Those slow flow nipples really make you work!

I gave the first and second place winners each a prize, here they are posing, what do you know, Steph was the winner!
I had so much fun with this shower! We all had a great time, it is always fun to get together with family and friends! My next party is planning my son's first birthday in April, I can't wait to share it!

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