Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pretty Little Projects: In The Nursery

My good friend Liv from Liv(e) is sharing some of her projects from around her pink house. I love a good project, the little things always make a big difference!

My step-dad Marc came into town about a month after Aspen was born and worked around the PH almost non-stop. Kev made a chore list and Marc diligently got a whole lotta things done for us.

My favorite chore was the one that got the art work up on Penny's wall. Soon after she was born I reorganized her room for the tenth time and it left me with a big wall space that needed to be filled.

Marc did an awesome job, especially since Kev had all his levels with him at work. I told Marc that as long as everything looked level from the nursing chair we'd be good. Wouldn't it be awful to be staring at crooked frames in the middle of the night with a baby attached to your chest?

Many thanks to my parents for all the help last Fall!

Thanks so much for sharing Liv! I LOVE Aspen's room, it is so bright and fun! Stay tuned for more pretty little projects from the pink house.

Do you have a pretty little project you want to share? Would you be interested in doing a guest post? Email us alilbird3 (at) gmail (dot) com.

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