Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Collage Wall

What a crazy year 2012 has been so far!  We have moved, my husband graduated, we had a baby, all in 5 months!  Since we moved, we have a long to do list, but because of the other things, ya know school and a baby, there isn't much crossed off that list.  We FINALLY finished our collage wall, which has been nice, it actually makes his house feel more like our home.  Funny how simple things like hanging photos will do that. 

Here are a couple photos of the finished product.  Please excuse my very poor photography skills.  I had been collecting various things over the years that all came together nicely on this wall.  I already had most of the frames, the majority of which were from IKEA, and decided to paint the middle one blue for some extra color on a white wall.  I promise they are all hung straight, I swear when I look at these photos, half of them look crooked to me.  The 987 is our anniversary date, everyone asks "what is 987?" when they come over, LOL.

I really love how it all turned out, it helps that I have super cute kiddos too!

Brazil free printable
Button Monogram
SLC Temple Print
Family Proclamation made by a friend
Joesph and Emma print given to me by my sister
987 DIY
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