Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One Dollar Wednesday... what a difference a paint job makes

I have been on quite a spray-paint kick lately. Thus, today's One Dollar Wednesday project features a can of Color Place spray paint. You can get this spray paint at Walmart for just $.96. It's not the highest quality, and you need a couple more coats, but for little projects, it's fine.

I have this little COLORFUL birdhouse in my downstairs bathroom. (I am a SAVER, so obviously I still have birdhouses sitting around, even though they went "out" a few years back.) I decided to update the little thing, instead of tossing it.

Here's the giant rustic star that hangs in the bathroom. It's hard to tell, because this shot doesn't show the true colors, but it's a pretty grayish-blue color.

I also have these cute prints from Karen Hillard Goode hanging in there.

I decided black was the natural choice to update the birdhouse, so I sent it out for a couple coats of Black spray paint.

Then, to add a little life, I mixed and dry-brushed on this paint.

Here it is all finished. I think it looks pretty cute with it's new coat.

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