Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Bebe Shower: Decor

My baby shower budget was very small, these days we are stretching our dollars super thin. Despite that fact, I tried to make it cute and simple. One thing I did learn with throwing this shower is take some PTO at work and take the week OFF. Due to the fact I was trying to balance work and the shower, some of my decor, (the pom poms I wanted to make, the lanterns I was going to spray paint, etc.) did not get made. I still think it turned out cute though. I spent a grand total of about $20 out of my pocket on this shower. The only things I had to buy was some scrapbook paper, chocolate, and some food. I have a great family who helped make/buy food, I am so lucky! Everything else I had on hand.

First, I made this necktie banner. Remember how I hung my Christmas cards? Same idea here with the twine and clothes pins, which I already had on hand. I used my Christmas present from my hubby (the Silhouette) and can I just say, that little machine is AWESOME. Saved me so much time cutting everything for me!
I have a bunch of the TOLSBY frames from IKEA. I picked them up a couple months ago, they are darling and only $.99!! I love how you can use them front and back too! I put a picture of the parents to be, an ultrasound photo, then used some scrapbook paper to jazz them up. I also decided with the "little man" theme to do mustaches on a stick. I have seen these a bunch of places, my cute friend Cierra did an awesome photo shoot with some, and I thought they would be so fun. I was RIGHT! Everyone loved them! I downloaded a mustache template from Lisa Welge's blog; I debated whether to do them in felt I had, but then I thought, "I can either hand cut them out of felt, or the machine can cut them for me out of paper." I don't have to tell you which choice won. I just used my trusty glue stick to glue them onto skewers.
When I decided to do the "little man" theme, all I had for ideas was my sucker mold. I perused the internet a bit and came across this CUTE idea for necktie napkins over at the Smitty Baby blog. So easy to make, just use napkins I already have, cut the ties out of scrapbook paper, and use a glue stick to adhere them. Easy, cheap, and FUN!

Don't the mustaches and neckties look great together?

I used the diaper cake to as a decoration at the end of the table, overall I think the decor turned out cute, what do you think?
I can't wait to share the rest of the details with you!


  1. Hi!
    I follow your blog and think what you did was wonderful! The ideas and items you made were great! I can't believe you spent around $20! I am planning a Valentines Day party this weekend for my daughters and their friends and I'm praying I don't spend over $20! You seem very crafty and frugal, do you have any great ideas to share?

  2. Julie-

    I was actually thinking for a fun Valentine's Day party you could do lips on a stick! My nieces (ages 2-10) had a lot of fun posing with the mustaches. If you already have construction paper they would be really easy and cheap to make. I know my local grocery store here is selling cinnamon lips that would go along great with that theme. As far as decor goes, you can always cut out hearts from scrapbook paper and maybe make a cheap garland, I have seen some cute ones out of cupcake liners.

    I am sure you could find some cute liners at the dollar store, and they have some pretty cute decor items there as well.

    My best advice is use what you have (clothes pins, string, scrapbook paper) that will help save your budget.

    Good luck, I would love to know what you come up with, please share!

  3. I didn't remember that you have that silhouette machine! I'd definitely love to use it for my SIL's shower in March. I'll be in Sandy on the 20th and I'll call you about meeting up and borrowing it to cut out some decor. You're the BEST.

    Everything was so cute at the party, and my Kev said he enjoyed being there (even if most his time was spent gaming in the basement, hee hee).


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