Monday, February 7, 2011

The Bebe Shower!

This weekend was so fun!! Lots of family time, lots of good food, and LOTS of fun! My sister in laws baby shower turned out great and we all really enjoyed ourselves! If you remember I went with a "little man" theme, and I think it was well received. Here are a few pictures of the event, starting off with the guest of honor sporting her sweet stache'....

There were a couple things done at my baby showers that I decided to implement in all baby showers I participate in going forward.

First, if you are the hostess, designate someone ELSE to take photos of the event. That way you can focus on your duties and photos still get taken care of. If you try to do both (unless you are a great photographer, I know a few of you who would do amazing) you will forget to get some photos and/or be super stressed. My cousin took my camera at my shower and took a bunch of photos for me, it was so nice, I got to sit back and relax, yet have tons of photos from the event. My niece (who is 21, I wasn't depending on an 8 year old) was so gracious to be my photographer at this shower, which is good cause you have seen my horrible photography skills. Once you have someone else take the photos, burn them onto a CD as a gift for the mom to be.

Second, as the guests are arriving designate someone to greet them and hand each an envelope and a pen. Have each guest write their address on the front of the envelope, and give thank you cards as a gift. Then when the mom to be does her thank you cards, the tedious task of addressing envelopes is done for her, she can just stamp and go.

I will be posting all the shower details (decor, menu, games, etc.) throughout this week and next, I have lots of fun photos to share!

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