Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fun Free Easter Craft: Weekend Website

I found this cute tutorial after Easter last year and thankfully had it bookmarked. I came across it the other day and had to share. Aren't these bunnies adorable? They are quick, easy and FREE and would make such a fun gift for your kids Easter basket. Check out the tutorial here over at Elsie Marley's blog. You will love it! I am off to Southern Utah for the Easter holiday and super excited to get some sun! The blog will be on a bit of spring break for the next week, maybe a post or too, if we are up to it. Then it is birthday time! I have gone way overboard on my 1 year old's birthday, but my mother in law had it right, you only turn 1 once! Have a great weekend!!


  1. Very, very cute. Now I've bookmarked it for another time. Will have to get my DIL to save those mismatched socks for me. LOL!!!

  2. Cute idea...Hey cutie come over to my blog I am having a blog give away.


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