Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Freebie...and a FAIL!

Do you ever have a project that you work on FOR DAYS, only to have it not turn out? That is what happened with my original project for today. FAIL! So I will be posting about a project I did a couple years ago~~ it wasn't free, but very inexpensive~~to my delight!

I found an old desk, similar to this at a yard sale, I offered $5.00 and the woman was happy to get rid of it.

I used my trusty sander, and scuffed up the finish a bit.

After a coat of primer, and three cans of this...

I ended up with this! It resides in my living/dining room, and I get comments about it all the time from visitors.

I love the little details and the pretty feet.

What do you think? What projects have you started and FAILED? Happy Weekend!


  1. I love it love I would never think blue.I will be posting my kitchen chair's some day and you'll have to give me your daughter think's I have went even crazier than I am. Love your sweet blog. Your so darn look to young to have even one child.
    Love ya,Debbie


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