Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fun Favor Idea: Weekend Website

I have birthdays on the brain in a major way. I keep finding great ideas for my son's birthday then adding another project to my to do list. I need to stop and just get done what I have. I have to have all the decor done by the 17th because I will be out of town through Easter and his birthday is 2 days after. On those days I will be baking up a storm. ANYWAY, I am rambling a bit now, birthdays and fun ideas, that is where I am going with this post. Aren't those super heroes adorable!! I think they would be fun favors for a super hero themed birthday party. Do you wanna know the best part about them? Jessica over at zakka life has the printable templates for FREE. I have this page bookmarked, being the Mom of a boy I am positive we will be doing a super hero themed party someday. Hope you have a fun weekend planned, I joined a softball league and our first practice is on Saturday, YAY! We are also going to a pirate themed birthday party at Pirate Island and it is General Conference weekend. The best part is, I get to participate in all of these activities because I don't work this weekend. That rarely happens. Enough of my babbling....enjoy your weekend!!

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