Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One Dollar Wednesday...St. Patty's Day wreath

I'm gonna just say this, and I know it may rub a few people the wrong way, I don't believe in LUCK. That said, it makes decorating for St. Patty's Day kind of hard for me. I know I have to get the Valentines Day stuff stored away, so that pushes me forward. I love to decorate for my kiddos too. They get so excited about the "little things" still. So my next couple posts will be about my St. Patty's Day decor.

I wanted to make a cute wreath, and knew that I had a June wreath in my garage to work with. "What's a June wreath?" you ask. It's the wreath I put out in June, of course. Since it didn't hold a special place in my heart, I decided to revamp it.

Add a little GOLD frame from the Dollar store, and some GREEN scrapbook paper...

First, I disassembled my little frame...

I cut my scrapbook paper to fit my printer, and printed out the word Lucky! in the Curlz font. Then I traced my glass and cut the paper to size.

I put my frame back together, and figured out how I wanted it situated on my wreath.

I added a big spot of hot glue, and waited for it to dry.

There we go, quick and easy! I'm taking bets on how long you think my hot glue is gonna hold up in these warm temps :)....

What do you think?

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