Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dig it out and use it up!

I have been Spring Cleaning for the past week, and one thing that I realized, is that I collect too much stuff throughout the year. I am from a long line of collectors. My grandfather had an entire orchard of things, mostly machinery, that he collected. My mother has a couple craft rooms filled with her wonderful collections. If I had the luxury of a craft room, it would be filled to the brim with crafts and my collections. It's probably a good thing that I don't own more square footage, because I keep way too much stuff as it is.

One of the things that I collect, and would love to use in my home, is vintage sheets. I buy them with the intent to use them in a sewing project, but it's too hard for me to cut them to bits.

I also collect fabric. It seems that whenever I find fabric that's on clearance, if it's in a shade of color I like, I buy a couple yards. This little obsession has led to quite a few baskets FULL of fabric.

I had a couple sick kiddos this weekend, so we couldn't leave the house. I decided it was a good time to get to work on some quilt covers for my girls. I was able to dig through my baskets of fabric and pull together some fabrics that coordinated well enough for this project.

My first attempt... big floral in the center was a little too over-powering. When I laid it on the bed, I didn't like it at all.

Second attempt...I love a plaid and floral mix, but wanted a little more color.

Final attempt... I found this cute plaid, buried in a basket, after I had cut all my green plaid strips. I started over with the multi-colored plaid. It may be too busy for some, but i think it's FUN!

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