Monday, January 24, 2011

Lazy Post

It's been a rough weekend at my house, working all weekend, sick hubby, and I am pretty sure those top teeth are going to poke through really soon for baby M. The results are a lazy post, so sorry. Remember the green dresser? Remember how I also told you I would show you the rest of the nursery and never did? Well here you go, sorta. Since I am in a lazy mood, you get to see it by clicking over to one of my absolute FAVORITE websites, Ohdeedoh. I was SO EXCITED/lucky that they featured the nursery. I love the entire Apartment Therapy empire, but Ohdeedoh, is my fave because of their kid theme. I was really lucky, I had a vision for the nursery, but am not artistic at all. Thankfully, I married someone who is, and he did most of the work (painting, building furniture, etc.) on the room. It is a large room, which is nice, but kind of a weird layout with it opening to the bathroom. We got the crib for free, the bookshelf on sale for $45, the changing table on sale for $35, and the rocker we paid full price I think around $150, but I think we did pretty well to furnish the room for so cheap. Without further adieu, you can check out the nursery HERE, mainly cause I am lazy and didn't want to upload the pictures. :) What do you think??


  1. Love what you did with the nursery! I was so excited to see it on Ohdeedoh. (The AT empire - ha! - is definitely one of my faves too.) I think the green dresser is my favorite, such a great color. How do you like the rocker? We're planning to get the same one. Is it comfortable to nurse in?


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