Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Dollar Wednesday...after Christmas sales!

Wow~~it's great to be back after a LONG break! I think my last post was in April or May...wowzers. I had a wonderful Winter Break. I loved having my kiddos home with me.(I think 2 weeks is PERFECT...ask me again in the summer, when we can't spend any time outside, and I'll have a different answer for you.)

I have been busy trying to get all my Christmas stuff boxed up, but the "After Christmas" sales, keep pulling me away from my housework. See what I mean...This was taken just today :)

The problem is, I LOVE Christmas! I LOVE my Christmas decorations, and I hate boxing them away. I have made a wee bit of progress though, look at our bare tree... so sad!

Like I said, I have been enjoying the sales this month. I picked up 2 sets of this cute dinner wear for $1.00, which the kiddos can use through the end of the month. (Even though we don't get snow down here, this makes us feel a lil wintry)

Don't think I haven't indulged a bit for myself with Winter Clearance... I'm LOVING my new plush throw that I picked up for just $6.00. It has all the colors of my family room in it, and it's super cozy!

I love wrapping up in it while I'm reading this DARLING book... Vintage and Christmas two of my MOST favorite things~~Thanks Mom!

Have you gotten all of your Christmas boxed away? Any great sales still out there? Let me know, I love to hear from ya!


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