Thursday, December 29, 2011

How to make a pool table out of cardboard

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Children can get tired of toys pretty quickly--especially, dolls, which seem to need a never-ending kaleidoscope of accessories to remain interesting. It's prudent to begin making a few of these components yourself. You can craft an entire dollhouse yourself, but start with just a few objects then work your way up. Follow this guide to make a pool table that dolls and action figures alike would be proud to rack.

Using sharp scissors, cut two strips of poster board two inches wide and four inches long.

Working along the four-inch side, create a fold every inch. This will turn your flat sheets into two square columns. Secure with masking tape. These will be the legs of your pool table.

Cut another section of poster board into a three inch by six-inch piece. This rectangle will be your tabletop. Paint it green or apply green felt with craft glue.

With the tip of your scissors, carefully poke holes in each corner of the tabletop.

Cut out four one by one inch squares of nylon stocking. Flip the tabletop over and tape the stocking square over the holes in each corner. This will create the pool table "pockets."

Attach the tabletop to the legs with the stockings facing down.

With colored clay, roll out 15 balls of even size. They should be small enough to fit through the pocket holes. The balls should be baked at 275 degrees to harden. You could also paint marbles, but they will likely be too big to fit in the holes.

To create pool cues cut barbecue skewers into three-inch sections.

Glue three one-inch pieces of skewer into a triangle. This can be used to "rack" the balls.

Your billiard room set will be the envy of every doll in the playroom, rack 'em up!

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