Wednesday, March 7, 2012

One dollar Wednesday...Shamrock hair clip~ tutorial

Well, February was here and gone before I knew it! We're already a week into March, and I haven't done any St. Patrick's Day crafts. I thought I make up for that today, with my One Dollar Wednesday project.

I googled "shamrock hair clip" and found tons of examples, but this is all I needed to do my clips!

I started by covering my clip, with the polka-dot side of my ribbon not showing.

I put a tiny dot of glue on my ribbon, and pinched it together.

Then, I brought the ends together, overlapping them, and secured with a dot of hot glue. Then I trimmed the excess off the ends. I did this three times, making 3 hearts~~ or shamrock leaves.

With the two side leaves, I put a tiny bit of glue in the "v" of the leaf, and secured the center point.

I glued the "top" of my shamrock on the clip, and then "stacked" the side leaves on top of that. Then I secured the point of my top leaf with a dot of glue on the end of my clip.

I added a little "lucky" bling, and this is what I ended up with...


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