Monday, June 20, 2011

A few of my favorite things....

I have totally been slacking with blogging lately. I have been spending lots of time at swimming lessons and haven't done the other things on my to do. I had great intentions of sharing some camping tips/ recipes with you today, then I spent Saturday afternoon in the ER when my baby broke his nose. :( One of my worst days ever!! So, instead you get a few of my favorite things, summer edition.

After our wardrobe makeover, our large dresser was moved into my son's room. That meant I have LOTS more changing space and could fit more than just the wipes on top of the dresser. I still organized the top drawers this way, but I am able to keep a few extra things on top of the dresser. To keep it cute and convenient I picked up this cute little tray from IKEA for $3.99. I put the diaper rash cream, lotion, nasal spray, and a few other small items on it and I love it!
Before I share these next few things, I think I need to have a bit of a preface. Yes, I am somewhat of a hippie. You may already know that by my cleaning solutions and nutrition. There is a reason behind my madness. When my sister, mother of 4, was 34 years old, she was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. She battled cancer for 21 months, then passed away, leaving a husband and 4 little ones behind. After she died my Mother (as any Mother would I think), racked her brain to think if something she had done, worn, eaten while pregnant/nursing, could have possibly given my sister cancer. I don't believe anything my Mother did caused my sister's cancer, but ever since our family has been a bit more cautious of what we put in/on our bodies. I don't mean to bum anyone out with that story, I just wanted to share with you why I make the choices I do.

So, on a happier note, for the summer sun, we have been using our Jason's Natural Cosmetics Earth's Best Organic sunscreen. WHOA, was that a mouthful! It is free from chemicals and is extra mild for my son's tender skin. You may have heard lately there is a lot of debate going on with the unregulated chemicals that are put in sunscreen, so this is a good choice for me. It is pretty pricey though, I think around $12 a bottle, but there are certain things I am willing to spend money on and this is one. I guess technically I didn't spend any money, we traded in textbooks to Amazon and used our credit to buy the sunscreen.
Next up for summer fun, you have to keep the pesky bugs away! West Nile can be scary stuff, so we choose Burt's Bee's Herbal Insect Repellent. It is a mixture of bug fighting oils and is DEET free. We had it last year and have used it a couple times this year and we haven't had any problems with bug bites. It is again on the pricey side, $8, I bought it last year at Whole Foods. We can save money on inexpensive crafts and spend money on the good stuff like this.
These are a few of my favorite Summer time things, what are yours?

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