Friday, May 13, 2011

A few of my favorite things....

I am in a great mood today, the sun is FINALLY shining and it is warm enough to play outside! While I am waiting for my son to wake up from his nap so we can play outside, I thought I would share a few of my favorite things. I am so funny, the smallest things put my in the best mood!

First up is my BYO lunch bag. I got this for my birthday a month ago and I absolutely LOVE IT! I was a little worried about it not being able to hold enough, but I was wrong. Don't let it's looks fool you, this little baby can hold a ton! I love that it folds up flat and is machine washable. Most of all I love that it is cute and I don't have to carry my lunch around in grocery bags anymore.
This next little gem still amazes me, someone is truly a genius. It is the spill proof bubble container from Little Kids. My neighbor and I were outside the other day blowing bubbles with our kids and she had one of these. I was amazed at how it didn't spill and how nice the wand was. No sticky bubble messes here. For Easter my son received a giant bottle of bubbles, but it was such a mess, now I just pour it into my spill proof container, no mess! I ran to Target to pick one of these up, well worth my $2.
I think I have said it before, but nutrition is one area that I am not necessarily a penny pincher. I mean sure, I shop the sales, and on occasion will clip coupons, but I find that the food that usually has coupons, isn't the most nutritious. I am tired of all the added sugar and other things out there, so I try my best to find things with only a couple of ingredients and no added sugar. I came across these Dole fruit cups and I think they are a wonderful snack for my son. All natural fruit juice, no added sugars, and they are diced into the perfect size for a one year old. I can toss them in my diaper bag and they work well on the go. So far I have tried the peaches and pears and they are great!
These are a few of my favorite things, what are some of yours?

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