Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quick Easter Basket Makeover

I found this old basket in our storage closet the other day. My baby doesn't have an Easter basket and I thought with a little love this could do the job.
A little brown spray paint and some ribbon and this is what I got....

It will work for this year, I am not 100% in love with it. What I really want is to make a basket liner, but I just don't have time this year. I have way to much to do for the birthdays, and I will be out of town for a week, maybe next year. Have you seen any cute DIY Easter basket projects? I need some inspiration.


  1. I seem to be playing catch-up most of the time these days, but I guess that comes with adding more & more fun and interesting blogs that I must follow. Anyway, I went back several posts to see what all you've been up to and it's a lot. First, I think your little basket turned out really cute. A gazillion years ago when my kiddoes were little kiddoes, they kept the same basket thru their entire "Easter Basket" years. I would pull it out of storage a week or so before Easter so they could play all the Easter Egg Hunt games. Then the night before Easter, I would get out the grass & they would help make nests in their baskets & leave them in a prominent place for the Easter Bunny to find & fill with goodies & little gifts. A few days after Easter, the baskets would go back into storage. It worked great & they really looked forward to seeing their basket each year.

    Your covered plastic eggs are so cute! I think I might do that next year with my grandkids. I could actually see wrapping them in colors that coordinated with your home decor & using them for any time of the year. Love those bright Easter colors, though.

    I've seen lots of versions of the cake stands, but yours is so adorable in those colors. I haven't tried painting the glass candle sticks yet, but love the way they turned out. What are the pieces you used for the plate part? Burner covers? Are the stands tippy once you get a cake on there?
    Great idea of adding the scalloped edging.

    Oh, and your bedroom redo. Love how you framed out the area for your art just using paint. Very clever & great job by your hubby.

    Hope you have a great weekend!


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