Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snacking Made Fun!: Weekend Website

You have probably noticed that I tend to get on themes when posting, I know I am a total weirdo. Right now my "theme" is food as you may have guessed, so I thought I would share this adorable snack, peanut butter and fruit sushi. I.LOVE.SUSHI. I could eat it everyday and never tire of it. Unfortunately for me, my budget doesn't allow for many sushi outings these days, once every few months, if I am lucky. We did go a few weeks ago though, and I introduced my baby boy with a vegetarian roll, he seemed to enjoy it! I already mention I love Apartment Therapy, and when I saw this over at the kitchn, I couldn't resist, doesn't it look so fun? I am going to be trying this out soon, it is a fun healthy snack! Enjoy your weekend!!


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