Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Dollar Wednesday...Once there was a teapot

I have to admit, I'm coming up a little short at the Dollar Tree lately. I need to get out to some other Dollar stores, and see what they have to offer. Luckily, I still came up with a one dollar project for today.

Once there was a teapot...a scuffed up ugly teapot. Thank goodness he needed a makeover or I wouldn't have gotten him for just 50 cents! Actually, if it hadn't been sale day at the thrift store I may have still given him a chance for his original price of 99 cents.

After a super HOT, sudsy bath, I taped up his vital parts really good, and sent him out to the Spray Paint Place for a coat of metal primer.

Then I added some color with these vibrant yard sale stickers I picked up at The Dollar Tree...

A couple coats of a pretty Valspar glossy spray paint, and a little drying time.

Pulled off all the stickers, and finished him off with a quick coat of poly. Now he's all ready to get to work.


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