Monday, October 18, 2010

Adventures in Home Made Baby Food: Carrots

The other night I was making dinner and got out my rice cooker which also has a steamer attachment. As I was putting in the rice I thought this would be a great opportunity to steam some veggies for baby food. Since I already had some baby carrots in the fridge, I decided to do those. I made sure to rinse them well before putting them in the steamer.
I added a sprinkle of one of my husband's favorite spices, Cumin.
The softer the carrots, the easier it is to puree them. Steaming and baking are the best ways to prepare your fruits and veggies for baby food, because it keeps in more of the nutrients. If you do choose to boil your fruits and veggies, just use some of the reserve water in your puree, to add back some of the nutrients that have been lost in the water. Since I steamed my carrots, I used a little nursery water to help get the puree nice and smooth.
I only made enough for the week, I am out of room in my freezer, and this was easy since I was already making dinner. It really only took an additional 10 minutes on top of what I was already making. I just used some of my empty spice jars and put them in the fridge.

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