Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Lunch Box ideas and a before picture. . .

Every once in awhile I don't eat all the leftover cake. This is a great way to use it for school lunches.

Here's a yummy little piece of spice cake. Doesn't that just say "Autumn"? Too bad blogs aren't scratch 'n' sniff. To make these morsels lunch box ready I simply cut the cake horizontally and made a spice cake with browned butter frosting sandwich.

What?! You haven't heard of "Browned Butter Frosting"? I love spice cake. But I LOVE spice cake with Browned Butter Frosting.


3/4 C. Butter (Not margarine)

6 C. Powdered Sugar

3 Tbl. Milk

1 1/2 tsp. vanilla

**Heat your butter in a saucepan over LOW heat until it is melted, then keep cooking it until it turns a delicate brown. Let it get a smidge darker, then remove it from the heat. I cook it in my favorite aluminum-take-a-beating-pan, so I just add the remaining ingredients to the pan and use the hand mixer. Beat it until it is a good spreading consistency. Then frost that cake, or cupcakes, or cookies, or whatever else you can dream up. ENJOY!

AND . . . .

A 'Before' Photo. This little dresser is serving as my bedside table. It is the perfect height, it is the right size, but it is sad looking. I need to do something with it. Obviously, arranging all those books would do wonders, but I had to sneak in to get the picture since my son is napping on the bed. Anyway, Dear Reader, stay tuned. I think this one will be pretty fun.

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