Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dollar store quick craft

My name is Karen, and I'm a Dollar Store shopper. I know that there's a certain stigma that follows those of us that shop the Dollar Tree, and I should not be so quick to boast of my addiction to the place. I can't help it! I go at least once a week. Mostly for the Sara Lee bread, but since I'm there anyway, I can't help but cruise the aisles, looking for bargains. One time I found my favorite Maybeline lipstick... it was a dollar! I bought ten of them. But I digress... I'll now share a craft that got it's start at the Dollar Tree.

I bought these fun silver trays~not too big, not too little. Pretty raised pattern around the edge. I knew I could do SOMETHING with them!

I took them outside and gave them a quick primer coat...

I used this leftover bedroom paint for my top coat and brushed it on with a foam brush.

While the paint was drying I got started on the second part of the project. The letters. (These are not from the Dollar Tree, but they were only $1.49, so pretty close.) I traced the letters face down, and then cut out the paper letters.

I attached the paper letters to the wood letters with Mod Podge...

I roughed up the edges a little with an emery board...

Added some ribbon, and buttons for embellishment...

attached them to my trays....

added a little 3M diddy....

and now the girls will know which bunk to sleep on :)


  1. You did an awesome job embellishing the letters! They go perfectly with the beds!

    Thanks so much for linking up to Scraptastic Saturday!

    Hannah @

  2. this is so cute!! i love this idea. i saw your site through scraptastic sat. just wanted to let you know I am your newest follower, and I hope to hear from you soon!!! :)


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