Monday, June 13, 2011

Golden Invitations

We have been slacking a bit on the posts lately, I know. It is summer time though and that means lots of fun in the sun with our kiddos! Posts might be a little thin this summer, but I think that is just the way summer goes. I am in party planning mode again, these days it seems I am always in party mode. My amazing parents are celebrating their golden anniversary this August, 50 years, how amazing is that? We are throwing a small party (per my Mother's request) at a church in Southern Utah. It should be fun, we are going to get a family photo taken, which seems to not happen very often anymore with everyone so spread out. Due to financial constraints I am not going as all out as I want to, but I am still trying to make it nice on a small budget. I think that should be my tag line for parties, LOL. I made some simple invitations using Photoshop Elements and I think they turned out nice. I had them printed out at Costco, they ended up being super cheap, I think I spent about $8.

Of course this copy doesn't have the real address, sorry if you wanted to party crash! :) Aren't my parents so cute? I love them so much and can't wait to celebrate their special anniversary!

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