Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One Dollar Wednesday... felt flower tutorial

I LOVE felt and I LOVE flowers. It was inevitable that these two loves of mine would cross paths one day. I have seen so many cute felt flowers around town, and knew that I could throw something together.

I started with my pattern pieces. In this case a drinking cup, and a medicine cup. I used a blue crayola for tracing.

Here are all my circles traced onto the felt. I have five large, four medium, and 4 small.

I cut my circles out.

Then I cut them all in half, with the exception of one large and one small.

I started layering on my large circle, using my glue gun to affix my layers.

Another layer...

and another...working from large to small.

When I finished with my layers, I put a dollop of glue in the center and finished the layers off with the small circle.

For my clip, I cut one more circle and a little strip of felt.

I glued the strip of felt around the end of my clip, then glued the clip to the bottom of my flower. I finished it off with the small circle.

I added a pretty pink vintage button, and it was good to go!

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